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3Point Presentation Skills Workshop: Crisp, Convincing Conversations that Close Deals

Can your sales team stand up right now and deliver the three most important benefits of your product or service to any prospect in 30 seconds or less? Not sure?

This intense and highly interactive workshop guides professionals to perform under pressure.  Rebecca’s 3Point Presentation coaching technique helps sales professional deliver compelling, concise and memorable presentations that fully engage prospects.

Packed with on-the-spot coaching and incisive dissection of your presentation style and delivery, Rebecca gives you a tool kit specifically addressing your strengths and weaknesses that also helps you develop a repertoire of presentations and testimonials targeted at your chosen market -  positioning you as the best resource to deliver solutions to your prospects.

If want to deliver a compelling, concise presentation to every prospect and in every meeting, contact Rebecca at or call 858-270-1100 to bring the 3PointPresentation Skills workshop to your event or meeting – and  get better results for you and your team.

Introductory Workshop: Thursday February 16th 2012

3:30-5:00 PM @ HeraHub in Sorrento Valley near San Diego CA

REGISTER for February 16th workshop via PayPal by clicking on Buy Now:


Be CEO of Your Own Life: Reinvent Your Career and Your Life

Even with the kick in the head of a potential lay-off, most people take more time to plan their next vacation than to plan their next career move. Rebecca’s powerful, fully- engaging workshop opens potential entrepreneurs and career transitioners to the hidden key that motivates and inspired purposeful action and energized achievement.

Rebecca has 25+ years of deep experience working with high-potential clients who wanted to achieve more, and guided them to remarkable success. She delivers wildly interactive workshops, helping participants become acutely self-aware, leverage their undiscovered talents, take initiative and realize the deep desire to Be CEO of Your Own Life.

Ready to jump into a better phase in your life? Contact Rebecca at or call 858-270-1100 to bring Rebecca’s Be CEO of Your Own Life workshop to your conference or professional development event.

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