QuestionCentered Coaching

Leadership Development: prepare your next generation for the future

Over the next 2 years, more baby-boomers will retire than at any time in history. What are they taking with them that the next generation of leaders needs to maintain business momentum?

Intense and highly-interactive QuestionCentered Coaching workshops tap into the institutional knowledge and experience of current leaders and train them to engage and develop the next generation of managers, VPs and executives.

Packed with on-the-spot coaching and laser-sharp dissection of your thinking, communication and leadership style, QuestionCentered Coaching workshops build bench strength, increase team capacity and fully prepare the next generation to direct the future.

What you get:

  • On-the-spot coaching to intensify critical thinking skills
  • Flexible program duration
  • Intense focus on your business needs for the future
  • A portfolio of coaching techniques and interactions
  • Strategic and tactical planning tools to track activities and results
  • Immediate impact on current business issues

“We achieved a marked improvement in leadership team dynamics and performance.”

-William Metcalf, Fire Chief, Fallbrook,CA

“Extremely useful in many areas. I learned new strategies for being a better listener and supervisor.”

-Donald M. MD, Vista, CA


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Rebecca Everett, creator of QuestionCentered Coaching, has coached hundreds of professionals to leverage their leadership strengths and experiences for better results. She earned her MS in Counseling at San Diego State University and was licensed in California as a Marriage, Family & Child Therapist.  She has been a business and presentation skills coach for 15 years through her company, Connecting Point.


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