You need an elevator speech – or not…

I read this post by Seth Godin, author of The Dip, and thought he said it quite well: the point of an elevator speech is NOT to sell something or to impress someone with all your fancy features (or those … Continue reading

Coaching in Real Time: Podcast

How does a coach become a coach?  Debra Simpson of Syndicating your Content  asks me that question in our podcast on Nov. 4th and gives me the chance to demonstrate some presentation skills coaching.

Things have changed since 2001…yes?

I’m readying an update to my book How to Be CEO of Your Own Life, first published in 2001. What pleased me is that most of the ideas are timeless. So, the update is mostly for aesthetics – and some … Continue reading

Do you want to impress or influence?

Henry was a subject matter expert – real expert -  at his company and the go to guy for answering complicated questions for prospects. He was also in line to be a partner. He met Rebecca when she delivered a … Continue reading

Can you fix your golf swing by just thinking about it?

You’re a leader. Some of your team members don’t always get along. Some of them don’t do what needs to be done. You seem to spend more time fixing these people issues than meeting business objectives. Yet you consider yourself … Continue reading

Are you deluding yourself?

The human ability to develop both personally and, as a consequence, professionally is unlimited – time and energy are the only requirements. You don’t have to be a special type of person or have a specific set of in-born characteristics … Continue reading

Is being an expert the most impressive part of your presentation?

Jeff liked to share his expertise as a risk and loss expert and rightly so; he had the experience to know where exposures lurked and the insight to craft innovative cost-effective solutions. His biggest presentation challenge was to keep his … Continue reading

Why a Professional Coach?

Well, it’s rather simple and rather complex at the same time. It is customized and personalized. Remember, those self-help DVDs and popular business books are written to appeal to as many people as possible. I believe that what inspires you … Continue reading

What’s your Interaction Intelligence?

Your Interaction Intelligence has a significant impact on your ability to influence others via your leadership. Leaders who are aware of their own Interaction Intelligence are those who: • wield influence to get things done – who to tap and … Continue reading

The Value of Coaching

The value of Coaching to an individual: • Enhanced critical thinking skills • Increased creativity • Stronger self-responsibility • Improved flexibility and efficacy • Higher quality of work life • Better use of talents and skills Benefits to organizations: • … Continue reading


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